Workers' Compensation
Kirkway International has spent over twenty years specializing in placing and structuring risk for this complex line of coverage.

In the current market cycle we have seen many instances where excess insurance companies are increasing attachment points. We have products and markets that can provide solutions to cover the gap or "buffer layer".

Recent successes include:
  • Placing buffer layer Reinsurance for a Workers' Compensation Association.
  • Satisfying the Reinsurance and Fronting needs of an Association Captive.
  • Arranging an Agency Captive for a heterogeneous book of business.
  • Creating Multi-year Contracts thus enabling smaller accounts to participate in the Reinsurance market by giving them the critical mass needed for entry.
We place:
  • Excess Workers' Compensation Insurance.
  • Workers' Compensation Reinsurance — both working and catastrophe layers.
  • Captive or Rent-a-Captive Programs — single parent, groups and associations.