Kirkway has been providing clients with sophisticated reinsurance solutions since it was established in 1982. Kirkway's reinsurance focus is on North American Liability business behind Insurance Companies, Captives, RRGs, Self Insured Trusts, Associations, MGAs and other Alternative Risk Transfer vehicles.

With over 70 years of reinsurance experience the Kirkway team will offer you impartial advice on the best reinsurance solutions available that suit your needs. We have experience in structuring and placing the full plethora of reinsurance techniques, from excess of loss to quota shares to bespoke aggregate stop losses through to a traditional "Spec & Agg" Reinsurance.

There are a number of key strategies that we advocate to cedents:
  • Security. Only do business with the most highly rated Reinsurers.
  • Retain as much risk as you can bear. Avoid dollar swapping with Reinsurers.
  • Lock in aggregate protections. Protect against adverse development across your portfolio.
  • Buy Long. Use multi-year contracts wherever possible.