Excess Insurance
Kirkway focuses on the tougher end of the spectrum — typically where the standard market does not provide all encompassing cover or where the pricing is affected by loss activity, whether incurred by the client itself or just in their general industry.

The greatest value Kirkway adds is within the first excess layers. Where the industry expectation is for a loss within a 10 year horizon, this may be a $10m xs $1m layer for some industries, or a $50m xs $25m for others.

We use every available technique for placing effective Excess coverage, including those normally restricted to the Reinsurance market. Using elements such as Inner Aggregate Retentions, Experience Accounts, Multi Year Aggregate Stop Loss and Mandatory Reinstatements we can deliver dramatically enhanced options to Insurance clients.
Kirkway's expertise lies in designing placements that respond directly to the client's risk profile and cash flow requirements. For Independent Retail Brokers we provide a 'Bolt-On ART Division' and target accounts that have requirements spanning both the captive field as well as traditional excess.